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  • Complex math calculator
  • Large signal detector
  • Everything S-parameters
  • Main menu

Editorial review


Margie Smeer Senior editor

This review applies to version 3.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

AppCAD is a RF (radio frequency) and microwave design piece of software meant to help telecommunication engineers make a selection of RF products provided by Agilent that are appropriate for the wireless design applications they are working on.
Generic block diagrams are included, with current wireless markets having been taken into consideration. Components for passive and active circuits are listed in the menu with the possibility of choosing the value of specific parameters so that appropriate calculations are made. Signal analysis can be performed for the listed products. A list of engineering constants and their values is available and also a complex Math RF calculator. The "everything s-parameters" option will analyze S-parameter data for circuits and devices so that parameters such as gain and stability are obtained. Side by side comparisons of up to three SnP files can be performed. In this way, one can compare different devices or the same device operating in different conditions, which can prove to be very useful when taking design decisions.
AppCAD can run on all 32-bit Windows operating systems. It has been verified to be compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, XP, 2000.
AppCAD is a useful tool for professionals in the wireless design field, clients of Agilent, helping them make design decisions.


  • Performs fast calculations.
  • Includes a complex math calculator for RF circuits.


  • No option to draw blocks.

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